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Toronto Guardian Feature – March 18, 2019

Find Your Inner Geek Feature – March 8, 2019

Defective Geeks Feature – March 13, 2019

Durham Region Interview – April 20, 2019

Occhi Magazine  Interview – April 1, 2019

SXM Canada Now Talks Interview with Host Jeff Sammut April 12, 2019

NamaSlay interview with Host Melissa Melottey                 
May 1, 2019

Tina Brigley Interview with Medea Kalantar – May 16, 2019

Rogers TV Durham interview fast forward to 8:09 to see interview – May 27, 2019

Nerdy Girl Express Feature – April 28, 2019

CHCH morning Live Interview – April 26‬, 2019

CTV Kitchener Interview – April 30‬, 2019

‪EAST of the City Magazine Interview digital copy pages 16-19 – May Issue 2019

What She Said Talk on 105.9 The Region Interview            June, 18 2019

Book Trailer for Honeycake: “Help I Swallowed A Butterfly” July 16, 2019

The Magenta Show Interview with Moira Bush                        June 17, 2019

You Got This Girl (YGTG) Feature – July 19, 2019

Our Canada Magazine Fall Issue – Aug/Sept, 2019

Literary Titan Gold Star Book Award

Literary Titan Book Awards September 2019

Book Trailer for Honeycake: Special Magical Powers November 22, 2019

Women Of Worth Magazine Feature


Literary Titan Gold Star Book Award

Literary Titan Book Awards January 2020

AllAuthor Interview February 2020

Book Trailer for Honeycake: A Circle Of Trust                          April 1, 2020

Honeycake: A Family Of Spices was included in this wonderful article on how to teach young children about diversity written by Estelle Bardon. – June 19, 2020

Annie J Koshy from GTA South Asian Network, Gives a wonderful testimonial about the Honeycake Book Series May 3, 2020

Magnetic Entrepreneur – May 20, 2020

Cantastic Authorpalooza online magazine interview          June 8, 2020

Cantastic Authorpalooza: Medea Kalantar

Dela’s Voice Interview – June 22, 2020

Medea Kalantar/ Honeycake books chats with author, Natalie Reeves Billing book reading  – June 1, 2020

Story time: Book reading by Natalie Billing Reeves and Medea Kalantar – July 15, 2020

Collaboration Medea Kalantar and the Honeycake Book Series with I Dare U2 Bee

At I Dare U 2 BEE we love our Diversity program that we incorporate within our school curriculum. The program is called YOU,ME,WE are DELICIOUSLY DIFFERENT! And with what the world has been rising up as one with #blacklivesmatter our diversity program is needed within schools now more than ever. It is why our company fell in love with Medea Kalantar and her Honeycake Book Series a children’s book collection that teach children about diversity, kindness, mindfulness, trust and gratitude. We are proud to have Medea and her gift of literacy be part of our company in doing our part in developing all kids to be kind!

Medea, thank you for your love and partnership we are blessed by your love.

Sneak peak interview with Medea Kalantar on the Outliers TV Show – July 16, 2020

Book Trailer for Honeycake: Counting All My Blessings   August, 3,  2020

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